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Patrick Garvey
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My role as a Financial Advisor is to move you forward by helping you make informed financial decisions. I have been in practice since 1997 and over the years, my team has applied our considerable skills to integrate all the elements of wealth – investments, tax, retirement savings, estate and insurance – into a plan for every client that makes sense and achieves results.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Let’s start by assessing what is important to you today and then looking ahead to what your goals are into the future – retirement planning, education planning, insurance and estate protection.

Building your portfolio

My approach to wealth management relies on a number of factors. I use investor profiling tools to assess comfort and capacity for risk. One person may be very comfortable with the possibility that their investments may fluctuate up or down by 10%, while another may never want to see the value of their investments go down, ever.

The other equally important component is “capacity for risk”. This is often not considered, yet it is critical. What does capacity for risk mean? Going back to my earlier example, you may be comfortable with the possibility that your investments could go down temporarily by 10%, but what if it represents a significant portion of your savings? That means that your capacity for risk cannot withstand a drop of 10% in value and this is taken into consideration in our analysis and recommendations for a balanced portfolio.

Investment Products

As an independent Financial Advisor, I am equipped to provide you with the full range of investment products. There are many choices today and not every product is created equal. Costs are a factor in my analysis too. The bottom line is that you can expect excellent investment products at very competitive pricing.

GP Wealth Signature Service Platform

Designed with the investor in mind, this is not your typical investment account. It’s a premium asset management service that gives you access to all the services, advice, and investment options you need to meet your financial goals. There are no commissions to pay. Instead, there is a monthly advisory fee as a percentage of your account – full transparency. Advisory fees are calculated on a sliding scale, which means as assets grow, the fee rate decreases. With this platform, it makes a lot of sense to consolidate all of your assets.

My goal is to protect your assets while maximizing opportunities for growth. Let’s get started. You can contact me at 705.351.8376 or by email at

Other things to know about me

  • Past President of the Optimist Club
  • Past President of the Town of the Blue Mountains Chamber of Commerce
  • Current Board Member of "Tracks Employment & Resource Services."

I received this reference from a dear friend of mine, and when I was asked to provide my BIO, I could not think of anything better than his reference to encapsulate who I am.

"I have known Patrick Garvey since our elementary school days, making it almost 50 years. He is one of the most loyal people I have ever met. He is a giver of time and talent. He is optimistic and always looking to make things better. Patrick is dependable and prides himself on being a man of his word. He is a natural leader to whom people gravitate. His compassionate and empathetic sensibility make him the friend, brother, son, husband and father to which we all strive to be."

If you are looking for someone that cares about your personal financial well being, let's talk.